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Issue:alleviating poverty


Convener:jay levin


Participants: several folks


several folks


several folks



Discussion/Recommendation:We reviewed the Thirdworldization of the global economy. Our central thoughts were:


1. It would be a good idea to get "what's working" in community economic development and empowerment models, including the Assembly and other forms dicussed in the initial meeting, to the people who need the info in an easy to learn from manner. We noted that in the US HUD is now financing computer centers at public housing projects, which could be one vehicle for communication. Jay offered to be a central point for folks who wanted to assist in this effort. 310-456-7040. Jon Ballard is also avaialble to share materials about the Assembly and other models. Try his e-mail.


2. We discussed challenges to the power structure by creating new coalitions to lobby IMF, etc. There seemed to be consensus that this was not the most fruitful avenue for change.


3.Getting info out to the general public about the impact of the global corporate economy and its looming (or already existant) effect on them, was discussed. This is considered essential.

Two models were proposed. One, bringing together antipoverty groups in the frontlines of the struggle with professional pr people in one;s home community to design a local or regional public education campaign. Jay is available to share info on how that is going in LA. The second idea was local citizen media groups to lobby local media outlets. Jon noted the high success of such a group in Santa Barbara, and he is avaiable to share info and methodology.


4. It was noted that every state is now working on welfare deform legislation to implement the new federal law and that extraordinary issues such as child care, food support, time limites, minimum wages, etc. were on the line. Everyone was urged to contact their state representatives and push hard for the most liberal state policies.



5. We briefly discussed business and the need to engage the corporate community. We were glad to know that the Changing Corporations group was working on poverty issues..glad in part because we had run out of time.


Issue: Involving the Media cont'd


Convener:Selma & Leslie


Participants: Arun, Sunanda, Karla, Mary, Jay, Martin


Discussion/Recommendation:Publish press releases to local newspaper, radio, television and then follow up with a personal phone call and an invitation to participate. If they do not attend send them a highlighted account of what they missed giving them other opportunities if available.


Follow up is very important - it is impossible to respond to all the press releases and only will be responded to when something really stands out - phone calls and celebrity participation, timeliness, unusualness helps draw attention.


The challenge is to get things out in a cohesive and clear fashion. A PR firm can help immensely. Sometimes they will do it probono if they charge for a basic concept development it could be $10,000 to $30,000.


Another more grass roots way is to get a basicpress kit template developed with press release that can be personalized for local groups, pictures, list of possible community collaborators and a list of what types of media to contact ie: print, television, radio.


Creating relationship with reporters and editors is the key. Invite them, let them know how important you know they are to your cause and appeal to there desire to make a difference also!



Issue:How to bring human activity into harmony with natural systems?


Convener:Chris Douglas


Participants: Gregory Smith, Carlos Qusada-Mateo, Cory Dunne, Doug Frost, Richard Barrett, Gueta Mezzeti, Nancy Brown, Jonathon Wygant, Pat Kruchten, Chris Douglas


Discussion/Recommendation:Associated Issues:

#20, 24, 7, 5, 19, 18, 2, 22, 27, 15, 24, 2, 14, 15, 12, 17


Large group Action Step recommendations:



Field trips into natural places/wilderness.

Environmental curriculum in school to educate about Global and local issues


Musicians, Musical groups, Athletes, and Film stars invited into coalitions organized around environmental issues.


Promote "The Natural Step" (Paul Hawkin's idea) in business.


Learning from wisdom of indigeous cultures.


Champion and support environmentally committed companies.


Seek out and fund environ. education programs in scholl


Focus Group Discussion recommendations:

1. Website creation and maintainence to serve as clearinghouse for any and all environmental information that might be sought by anyone for the purpose of education and awareness.

This should include projects taking place outside the US. Example: The Sustainable Development Forums in Costa Rica which is funded in part by Holland.


Alternatively, seek out EXISTING website that serves this purpose and offer support in terms of linkages, etc.


One of several ideas would be to have a "Things I Can Do" site.

Another is to organize consumer boycotts


2. Support Coalitions of Environmental groups to have more clout and to use contributor resources more effectively for public education and lobbying.


3. Support Coalitions of entertainers/celebrities to support enviromental organizations and causes. Special benefit concerts with several groups/musicians to raise money and awareness of young people as well as adults. (ie: Grateful Dead's work for Tropical Rainforests)


4. Create and support legislation that supports sustainable development as part of the national agenda.


5. Help create local grass roots groups such as "Northwest Earth Institute" in which local groups meet in company facilities and do "brown bag lunches" on environmental topics. (They have "branch groups" in six other cities.)


6. Create monthly column in local newspapers on topics such as how to voluntarily live more simply and personal involvement opportunities. (Could be downloaded off website that users send ideas and contributions in to)


7. Lobby local papers to carry more environmental stories. Both success stories and problem stories.


Reported by Chris Douglas


Issue:Season of Nonviolence & How Do We Involve Media


Convener:Arun Gandhi


Participants: John Gardiner; Leslie; Sunanda; Barbara; and many others

Too many to list

Too many to list

Too many to list



Discussion/Recommendation:Season of nonviolence relates to so many things here -- maybe the action plan is we each go home and get 10 people involved in doing or participating in what we experienced here.

Lobby UN for the Decade of Nonviolence -- Lobby missions and UN through affiliates. Individuals can call up Representatives & UN Associates. Congressional support to pressure US to support the resolution declaring Decade of Nonviolence. Children of War can co-sign letter with Gandhis, according to Selma.

Concept of Nonviolence is built by understanding violence first. On a large paper pinned on the wall of your bedroom build a geneological family tree of "Violence"; with violence as the grandparent and passive and physical violence as the two off springs. List all acts of violence in which we use physical force and all acts of violence where we do not use physical force but nevertheless are still violent towrads each other or towards nature and all of creation, This gives a deeper understanding of violence and, therefore, nonviolence.

Reacquait people with native and natural places. Teach the concept of bioregion and that our bodies are a bioregion in itself. Understanding the concept that all lives are interconnected and the all life is ONE. Nonviolence means there should be no harm done intentionally or otherwise. Ecological movements transcend religion and articulate the concept of ONENESS

Cross-cultural dialogue and experience -- building relationships across cultures. Organize multi-ethnic, generational, racial and religious groups to enjoy each others foods and culture and reach a better understanding.

Universal education of UN Declaration of Human Rights. Need to go from circular thinking to linear actions. Kids must be taught about their rights. Young people must recongnize what their rights are and only then will they understand that others have the eaxact same rights. It must be understood that Rights flow from Responsibilities. Along with the Declaration of Human Rights we must have a Declaration of Human Responsibilities. Document of Human Rights available from Marilyn Tam on Human Rights which she and Martin rewrote into common language. Distribute with Declaration of Human Responsibilities. Perhaps, theme for an essay contest for schools.

Nonviolence as a tradition and changing it to peace-making movement. We want to go beyond Nonviolence but we don't know yet what to call it. Example, building cultures for peace or a Reverance for Life.

Threat of nuclear weapons and existence of nuclear capability is an act of violence. All weapons of mass destruction must be destroyed because mass destruction is unacceptable. Contact Abolition 2000 (Pam Miedell)

MEDIA How do we ensure mass media is carrying information on season of nonviolence. Who do we know in conscious media; fund-raising and celebrities.

Create community awareness groups. Media is the most powerful source of information, especially local news. Create a delegation to talk to local news, ask for more positive news, see model Sata Barbara media committee. Try or, if unsuccessful contact Jan. (TO BE CONTINUED AT 5 P.M.)


Issue:What is the new leadership?


Convener:John Gardiner


Participants: e-mail list includes Richard Barrett, Audrey Thieme, J. W.

Ballard, Barbara Berstein, Chris Douglas, Bill Meyer, Leslie

Larsen, Janaki Welch, Tom and Cynthia Lynch, George Kemnitz, Richard Miller, Ande Roth, Nancy Peregrine, Jonathan Wygant, Gregory Smith, John Gardiner, Carlos Quesada, and Jana Saunders.





Discussion/Recommendation:The new leadership discussion emphasized parameters for future

dialogue including : collaborative and/or transformational

leadership; focusing attention on areas of resolution of passive

violence; leadership AND followership emphasis (e.g., identifying

ways to support emerging servant leaders); need to identify and celebrate new success models; not swinging too far away from

reality in the marketplace; leadership is secondary to accomplishing group purpose; leadership should emphasize



Specific actions: e-mail dialogue about the new leadership

possibly including a new vocabulary (operationally defining

leadership in context of global society) and possibilty of

collaborating in the creation of an alliance to support efforts

to learn about the new leadership and those leaders/organizations

modeling the way. Jan Ballard agreed to lead the design process;

John Gardiner to coordinate discussion via e-mail beyond

design. Different members of e-mail group noted above offered

to help in specific areas of interest/expertise/passion. Working

with organizations doing work in the field already was suggested.

It was agreed the network would be inclusive and continue the

discussion as possible via e-mail.




Convener:Bradley Winch


Participants: Nina, Marilyn, Greg, Jonathan, Lynnclaire, Mary, Carol, and others.



Discussion/Recommendation:Recommended actions are based on the following VISION FOR EDUCATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY:

A world filled with joyful, positive children who have taken charge of their lives, who practice healthy self-esteem, who are personally and socially responsible, who communicate non-violently and compassionately, who value life within them and around them with respect and dignity, who live with honor and integrity, and who continue to learn and grow every day of their lives.


In looking at "Inner-Directed Living", we noted that the current model of education, based on knowledge/facts, driven by competition, and exemplified by a "doing" mentality is not appropriate to the future. That must change in the 21st Century to a system based on "being"--a system that embodies all of the above practices.


Our search for where to start the change involved creating awareness of an issue or resource relevant to a 21st Century Educational System, relating the issue or resource to our own lives or the lives of the children in our care, speaking about the issue/resource with honesty, and taking responsibility for what action needed to be done by each member of the group in furtherance of the issue/resource.


ISSUES/RESOURCES LISTED (awareness level):

Moral Education--how to teach it. Jonathan G to provide info on Uschi Ballmore, K teacher & instructor at U of Penn)

Sufi Wisdom Stories. Jonathan G to provide.

Robert/Barbara Muller ( now have 34-40 schools of peace. Request info from them.

Global Alliance for Transforming Education (Nina M.) will be put on the US Foundation internet location for your perusal.

A book, "Conscious Education--Bridge to Freedom", by Nina M. will be listed on the US internet location, as will a description of her Children of the Earth Project.

Projects, including the Center for Collaborative Education (Boston/Debbie Meier), a book, "The Power of their Ideas", a book, "Public Schools at Work", a book, "Ecological Education in Action", and information on the Holistic Education Review willk be put on the US internet location by Greg Smith.

Information on the National Association fro Self-Esteem will be placed on the US net location by Bradley Winch.

A book, "Patterns" and requests for help in developing a curriculum around it that empowers "unity" will be put on the US net by Lynnclaire.

A book, "The Challenge to Care in School", by Nell Noddings of Stanford was mentioned as a resource.

Resources that provide simple, fun activities for use is rural schools in the Peoples Republic of China are sought by Marilyn Tam. They should focus on basics. (Bradley Winch agreed to send information to MT on a publisher in Hong Kong that does such materials and on portions of the "Esteem Builders Program", published by Jalmar Press and translated into Chinese and used in Hong Kong).

The California Council for Self-Esteem (Santa Barbara) exists. Jan Ballard has information on it. E-mail him for more.

Charter Schools were mentioned as a resource. B. Winch will seek further info on them for the US net location.

The Jeremy Rifkin group will meet in September to discuss Education for the next 10 years. Marilyn Tam will provide info to B. Winch on the meeting and he will follow up.

An English version of the Human Rights Declaration and a cartoon version of it will be provided to B. Winch by M Tam.

A program called THE ESTEEM BUILDERS' COMPLETE PROGRAM, a K-8 self-esteem series featuring components for all the people who touch the life of a child (teacher guide--with all activities cross-correlated to both grade level and curriculum-content, staff development guide, home esteem builder guide, resource guide for non-credentialed personnel--secretarial, cafeteria helpers, school playground monitors, bus drivers), a trainer's manual so someone within the school can become the expert on the program, an audio cassette program--6 cassettes, and a set of posters). Pilot Schools have been in process for the past two years. Results show a 46% reduction in detention, a 41% reduction in physical agression and a 39% reduction in verbal agression, after only one year of using two 15 minute activities per day. For more information, call Jalmar Press, 800-662-9662.

LEARNING THE SKILLS OF PEACEMAKING, a K-6 curriculum on peaceful conflict resolution, is also available from Jalmar Press. Call the above 800 number for their free catalog.


Please contact Bradley L. Winch with any other goodies in the area of INNER-DIRECTED LIVING FOR CHILDREN.






Issue:Accelerating Expansion of Consciousness in Business


Convener:Jonathan Wygant




Discussion/Recommendation:Associated Issues:

Self-funding transformation, Alleviating poverty, New Leadership,

Harmony with Natural Systems, Unlocking Human Potential, Takers to Leavers, Inner-directed Living for Children & Adults, Creating the Sacred in Daily Life, Involving Media, Sacred Space/Rites of Passage, Using Common Spiritual Wisdom, and We are One Family/Just Us


Suggested Actions:

Build and maintain self-awareness and the sacred as part of the continuum to bring consciousness to business.


Join Season of Nonviolence to formulate action plan.


Develop win/win arguments for integrating new consciousness into business.


Work with higher education to expand research and class offerings in business schools. (BSR)


Publish financial success of values driven companies and widely disseminate.


Put our MONEY where our mouth is, i.e. buying guides (Joan Claybrook).


Establish a "New Corporate Ethos" and pitch it to corporations for adoption/approval/inclusion in business strategies (BSR)


Review adequacy of corporate codes of practice. (Ceres principles).


Incorporate/reward/support individuals working in organizations to act authentiaclly/from heart.


Encourage quiet time, relaxation breaks, meditation rooms, nature walks, etc., into workplace.


Cerate means of assuring the proper compliance of Codes of Practice.


Who of us can help publish articles in promenant magazines re corp. values.


What has money got to do with it?


Women and small business trends.


Develop list of business coaches with spiritual values.


Look at the impact of globalization and sustainability.


Humor in the workplace.


Create systems where various forms of conflict can safely be dealth with.


Rating system -- Best practice 500 for socially conscious companies.


Promote acknowledgement of others as a powerful tool of empowerment.


Businesses tithing to community -- Minn. 5% Club.




Conscious Business Alliance, Global Dialog Institute, International Legal Regime, ECAR - Network with economists, The Investor Research Responsibility Center - D.C., AMA, Students for BSR, Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, professional groups, dentists, architects, etc.


Action Plans:


Create website to catalogue all existing similarly aligned groups

Link to other groups such as environment, human rights, workers' rights.

Responsible: Jonathan Wygant and Gueta Mezzetti, Audrey Thieme,

Chris Douglas


Altering corporate charters to benefit the common community. Personal values reflected in corporate charters. Write position paper (Jonathan Granoff).


Link principle-centered management with profitablity. How?

Richard Barrets' new book "Liberating the Corporate Soul"


Reference list of consciousness raising books, companies, etc.


Business & ethics classes in business schools. Contact Global Ethics Institute.


Business Ethics Magazine -- Marjory Kelly per Harrison Owen.


Create a Mission Statement: Jonathan Wygant, Audrey Thieme