Our Week At Zaca Lake Camp


Mandala by Falkon

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I heard about Zaca from a friend of my mothers. I thought sure, the summer is boring here and this will be something to do. I didn't think that it would be as fun as it was. It totally was like no other experience I have ever had at a summer camp. The art things were really cool and I was amazed with all of the freedom that we were given and just the way people acted. Everyone was so nice and loving. I really had a great time!!

- Falkon






While we were at the Zaca lake camp we had a campfire, at the campfire we had a lesson in finding our spirit guide. It was lead by a Cherokee Indian guide and we heard a lot of inspiring stories. After that we made smores and had a lot of fun then we went back to the cabins where later on that night when we were supposed to go to bed, one of the adult volunteers started a huge pillow fight with all of the guys. But after that was over they made us go to bed and that was not as fun as the rest of the day.

- Jessica


Photo by Jessica




Drawing by Dorian

Mandala by Falkon


Hi I'm Dorian and I'm going to a camp at Zaca Lake. My story is about a hike I went on at night up to the water fall up here. The hike started with only maybe about 20 people, when we hiked for maybe an hour or so 13 of those people 20 people left, so there were only two instructors and five campers. While hiking we had to walk past a bear that our leader Matt said he had seen which didn't seem too cool. Maybe an half an hour later we got to the point were we couldn't climb any more. Going back seemed to be a little harder than it was going up because I think that we went a different way than we did when we were coming up. We got to a trail and we stopped so Matt could ask us if we wanted to go to the bear trail or the camp trail. We chose the bear trail and I don't know why. On the way down the bear trail, we saw another bear, I think it was the same one we saw earlier because Matt had said that something was behind us. A little while later Matt started to leave cookies behind us so the bear would leave us alone, Falkon said that if he hadn't had done that then the bear would have probably eaten us and I think she was kinda right because I have a big fear of bears.

When we got to the camp we had to take a swim in the lake with nothing but our under pants and bras (for the girls of course). We went to bed about five in the morning and then had to wake up at six to make breakfast. That's my story. See you later.

- Dorian





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There are lots of bears here is Zaca Lake I had a close encounter the first day I was here. There was one mama bear and two cubs. I was so scared! Yah right, tonight we are having a play with the person who is filming right now she is going to play the mama and I am going to play the cougar that escaped from Michael Jackson's ranch the other day.

As for me I been here before with my fammilia a long long time ago when I was a baby but I still remember.

My name is Danny. It was four of us This guy named Roy he was really cool. George he I think kept going and I haven't seen him since. This other guy that went was Chris and Brad he likes to be called Smokes because all he does is smoke. There is this other friend that I just met Dorian he is more mature than most of the others.

- Danny